2A Apparel

How was the 2A Line started? As you know we are company that has focused on manufacturing and custom firearms. This has been our bread and butter for a few years now. With this there have been several entities (Facebook, Paypal, to name a few) that refuse to work with us or do business with us solely on the fact we either sell firearms or ammunition or that we manufacture either. This is a business decision that they have made and it is something they feel strongly about if they are turning down good money to do so. Well we feel strongly about our rights as American citizens, especially our 2nd Amendment rights. What better way to show our stance than to wear it on our gun shirts!

What sets us apart from other lines of apparel besides helping veterans with your purchases? We only sell AMERICAN MADE gun shirts! I have said this quite a bit to many customers and I do believe there are too many companies that have gotten away from AMERICAN MADE regardless of the industry. We take a lot of pride in staying American made and this is something we will not change.