This is going to be a little bit different than what you were probably expecting. I decided take some time to address the production of our rifles and the designation of serial numbers and models. So a different kind of model. Currently we have 17 different models planned for the future …and that number seems […]

Selecting a Concealed Carry Pistol Part III – Safety

Another popular question regarding selecting a defensive pistol or a concealed carry gun is “do I need an external safety?”. For the purposes of this post, when I mention external safety, I’m referring to a safety lever. Also, we are discussing handguns only in this post. Most modern firearms are equipped with safety devices, at […]

Selecting a Concealed Carry Pistol Part II – SA vs Revolver

Selecting a Concealed Carry Pistol Part II – SA vs Revolver As we continue with the topic on how to select the best concealed carry pistol, this week we are going to focus on semi autos vs. revolvers. The further we get into this topic the more that I anticipate people to get their feelings […]

Selecting a Concealed Carry Pistol Part I – Brand

Selecting a new firearm is a process that requires a significant amount of thought and can often be confusing for a new shooter or even an experienced shooter.  When selecting a firearm the first question you should always ask is, what is the intended purpose? Is it going to be used for Target shooting, competition, […]

Concealed Carry Fully Loaded

I was recently asked what my take on carrying with a round in the chamber for concealed carry was. Which I’m glad more and more folks are asking questions like this as it gives me something to write about that will be beneficial for the readers. I’m going to try and keep this basic and […]

Taking a (Muzzle) Break

Today we’re going to be dealing with my love for physics and ballistics again.  Specifically the physics of the expanding gases coming out of barrel of a weapon. So as we all know as a round is fired it is propelled down the barrel by the expanding gases created by the burning powder (don’t worry […]

The End is Nigh

Terminal Ballistics. There’s probably few things that are more talked about and less actually understood than terminal ballistics.  So let me first define what I mean by terminal ballistics.  Very simply put terminal ballistics is what happens once a round has struck/entered it’s target.  So we’re not dealing with actually putting rounds on target here […]

Misconceptions and Training Considerations with CHL

As most of you know we have been teaching CHL (Concealed Handgun License) in the Bryan / College Station area for almost all of this year. This has been a great opportunity for us to not only share some great information but also help get our name out in the community. For those of you […]

Why I Don’t Really Care About the US

And you probably don’t either. This is going to be a bit different from posts we’ve made in the past.  This is quite likely going to make some people mad but I’m okay with that because if you’re mad it means you’ve paid attention and at least you’re thinking about the subject now.  Today’s subject […]

Stopping Power

There are few things more divisive among gun owners that the .45 vs 9mm and 7.62 vs 5.56 debates.  Some people swear by one or the other and there’s no convincing them otherwise.  Today I propose to take a look a the numbers on handgun ammunition and apply a little bit of science to these […]

Home Defense Shotgun Myths

There were a couple of comments yesterday that I read on our FaceBook page that inspired today’s post, which is some of the myths surrounding shotguns as a home defense firearm. Note: this post will not include the use of short barreled shotguns (SBSs) or short barreled rifles (SBRs) or the use of ammunition other […]