This is going to be a little bit different than what you were probably expecting.

I decided take some time to address the production of our rifles and the designation of serial numbers and models. So a different kind of model. Currently we have 17 different models planned for the future …and that number seems to be growing. Be patient as it will not all happen overnight. All of these models and their serial numbers tell a story. Of course, before you get to that story, know that when you buy an OGA rifle you own greatness. We only intend to manufacture the best ARs out there. When we first set out on this journey we intended to build a mid range and high end ARs. In the planning of the mid range, none of us could bring ourselves to manufacture something less than what we were capable of. Personally, I feel most things in life are a competition and this is no different which has lead us to only focus on building some of the best ARs on the market.

 On to the Model

We all remember the day the towers fell and the nation wanted those responsible to pay. The Special Forces detachment, that I would later join, would then prep and deploy to Afghanistan numerous times over. Unfortunately casualties occurred as they would in many more trips. “Vengeance” became the team motto as not only was the team fighting because of the events that had occurred on 9/11 but also inflicting severe vengeance on our enemies that had injured or killed fellow Americans and partner forces.  Team members took the job and motto so serious that a lot have it tattooed, along with the team symbol, somewhere on them.  Of course vengeance goes beyond just a team motto, it’s also a reminder that we have to seek out those who have or will do Americans harm.  This is a mindset we should all have.

Serial Numbers

Just like the models, all the serial numbers will tell some form of a story or incorporate some symbolism.  When I was on Active Duty I was surrounded by some of the greatest fighters on the planet which, of course, was the makeup of such a great team.  Anything that would, in some way, relate to the team had to be nothing less than great.  A small number of receivers will reflect team numbers associated with not only my old team but others throughout the regiment.  Each of the Vengeance 15 serial numbers begin with 1776 which is a symbol of our independence and freedom in this great Nation.

OGA Logo

All of our rifles will be marked with the skull and crossed bullets.  This is a similar design to the skull and crossed arrows used by some Special Forces.

The crossed arrows draw their lineage from the Army Indian Scouts (a fast, aggressive, and knowledgeable element), which were later adopted by the 1st Special Service Force (an elite commando unit of WWII).  The Army’s Special Forces were later formed from the 1st Special Service Force and the Operation of Strategic Services.  The crossed arrows passed down are a reminder of the lineage and of unconventional warfare.  Similarly the crossed bullets area symbol of a different job and that is in the firearms industry but also serves as reminder of where I came from.

If you haven’t had a chance to see our rifles you can find more details here.


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