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Vengeance 15

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(5 customer reviews)


Greatness.  Own it.

The Vengeance 15 is designed and manufactured by the OGA Team in Bryan, TX.  OGA rifles are for the hunter, the collector, the competition shooter, and the individual interested in protecting their home that needs increased accuracy, maneuverability, and reliability. Unlike other manufacturers, our rifles are purpose built from an operators perspective and are greater in overall quality.

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Available in Tungsten Grey or Magpul’s Flat Dark Earth

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The Vengeance 15 is equipped with a custom made 14.5″ stainless steel barrel with a 1:7 twist.  Stainless steel barrels are known for their outstanding accuracy and the Vengeance 15 is no exception.  Chambered in .223 Wylde this barrel is made with tighter tolerances than the standard 5.56 NATO but will still handle the increased pressures of a NATO round allowing you to use either 5.56 NATO or .223 ammunition with increased accuracy.  The barrel comes with a pinned and welded POF muzzle device to reduce recoil/muzzle rise and increase accurate follow up shots.  The barrel complies with all ATF regulations regarding barrel length. The Vengeance 15 is a leader in accuracy; designed to shoot well under 1 MOA.

  • Made from the same SS barrels that have won regional and national championships now in a 14.5″ length
  • .223 Wylde Chambered for higher tolerances and greater accuracy
  • ATF approved so no tax stamp needed
  • POF muzzle device for faster and more accurate follow up shots



The Vengeance 15 comes with matched lower and upper receivers.  These 7075 aluminum receivers are Cerakoted for the most extreme protection from chemical and physical wear while also reducing friction.  Stop worrying about the possible degradation of your receivers from chemical corrosion and physical wear and rest assured that you have a rifle coated to withstand the worst you can throw at it.  In addition to this the receivers are equipped with an accurizing tension screw which will keep your firearm snug, accurate, and functioning properly for years to come. In addition to the features to increase the accuracy and durability of the rifle, the lower has also been designed to utilize a short throw, ambidextrous selector switch.  The short throw switch allows you to go from safe to fire in an instant. The upper receiver comes equipped with a forward assist as well as a dust cover, features often left off low quality ARs, to give your bolt added protection from the elements and the ability to assure your round is seated properly.

The lower and upper receivers are designed to match perfectly with each other and give years of reliable performance.

  • Cerakoted for increased wear resistance and longer life
  • Matched and tensed for increased stability and accuracy
  • Ambidextrous, short throw selector switch for faster transitions from safe to fire



 The trigger system is the interface between the user and the weapon.  The point where man meets machine and it’s for this reason we’ve gone with the most impressive trigger on the market, the HIPERFIRE HIPERTouch 24C.  The HIPERFIRE trigger system is ideal when it comes to law enforcement, defense, and hunting.  This system ensures crisp, consistent trigger pull every time while eliminating the risk of light strikes on the firing pin.  The HIPERFIRE also has three static adjustments available.  The HIPERFIRE can also be adjusted by using the attached HIPERShoe as well while assuring consistent finger placement.  HIPERFIRE triggers are made with stainless steel springs so there’s no fear of corrosion on the vital components.  The end result of all these features is putting more rounds on target faster. Better trigger pulls mean better shots and smaller groups; go for ultimate accuracy with these triggers.
  • Cleaner trigger break for more consistent shots
  • Heat treated, hardened steel parts for longer life
  • Increased hammer fall energy to eliminate light hammer strikes


The Vengeance 15 ships standard with a Nickel-Boron coated bolt carrier group.  Nickel-Boron coatings have increased hardness and chemical resistance properties as well as lowering the friction between parts.  The Vengeance 15 BCG is designed to the high standards necessary for military full auto applications but comes with the added protection of Nickel-Boron not available in other BCGs.  In addition to coating the BCG with Nickel-Boron the bolt is also shot peened which increases the stress tolerance of the metal by up to 1000%.  You can count on this bolt carrier group to last. 

    • Nickel-Boron coating increases the life of BCG up to 5x standard carriers as well as less fouling and easier cleaning
    • Shot peened to increase the stress tolerance of the metal
    • Magnetic Particle Inspected to eliminate even microscopic blemishes
    • Engineered to meet and exceed military full auto specifications
    • Hardened gas key is staked per military specifications for increased reliability.Want to know the story behind the model and more? Just follow this link.

Note: Optic and mount not included with purchase.

Chamber 223 Wylde
Gas System Mid Length Direct Impingement
Barrel Custom made, hand fitted, 14.5″ Stainless Steel, 1-7 twist barrel with muzzle device pinned and welded
Lower 7075 Aluminum Cerakoted Lower with Accurizing Screw
Upper 7075 Aluminum Cerakoted Upper
Bolt Carrier Group Nickel-Boron coated full auto BCG with staked gas key
Buffer OGA Tungsten H2 weight
Handguard Free Float Custom Cerakoted M Lok Handguard
Buttstock Magpul CTR Carbine Stock
Pistol Grip Magpul MOE AR Grip

Additional Information


Flat Dark Earth, Tungsten Grey

5 reviews for Vengeance 15

  1. erw93@yahoo.com
    5 out of 5


    What a great gun! I love the look, the feel, the accuracy, and the fact that it’s made here in Texas! AWESOME customer service as well.

  2. RobHart1971_13@yahoo.com
    5 out of 5


    I love the accuracy that my gun is capable of, well under 1 MOA easy! I can’t say enough good things about the gun and the owners are great people too!

  3. ekacir@hotmail.com
    5 out of 5


    Amazing rifle! The weight is well balanced, sweet look, and by far the best trigger I’ve ever laid a finger on! In my experience in shooting AR’s, the performance is unmatched. Definitely a tier 1 rifle. Also, I really like the fact that it’s made right here in Bryan, TX and all the serial numbers start with 1776. Serial number is certainly no reason to buy a particular firearm, but very cool add-on for sure.

  4. tompool74@gmail.com
    5 out of 5


    By far, the most accurate and highest quality firearm I have ever owned. Trigger is incredible and can be adjusted with 3 sets of springs. Tungsten grey looks awesome and sets this AR apart from all the black rifles on the market. Every detail from component selection to assembly shows that this rifle has been manufactured with only the best. I was able to sight in at 100 yards with an Eotech sight with range ammo and shoot sub MOA groups, and I definitely don’t consider myself a marksman. Simply put, I believe the Vengeance 15 is a high quality gun that is capable of accuracy beyond the ability of most shooters.

  5. tbangeliii@gmail.com
    5 out of 5



    The first AR I shot was 1968. I had unique requests and was simply overwhelmed with the finished platform Cerakote finish. After I shot and dialed in the weapon I am ecstatic with the results. If you want a personalized built platform, CT is the one you want to choose.

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